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  2. Boo
  3. Kelly & Made In America
  4. Cras rutrum
  5. bath time
  6. Cras rutrum
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those that have touched our hearts and lives 

over 500 equines saved but still we lost 6 along the way and those 6 will forever  be in our hearts
  1. Sunny 1994
    Sunny 1994
    this photo was taken the day Sunny arrived at our farm
  2. Sunny 1998
    Sunny 1998
    The day a 30 year old pony finished in the top 5 out of 36 exhibitors
  3. WILMA!!!
    sick and shaved to skin at auction Wilma stole our heart. She went on to win Reserve Grand Champion Open Halter Horse as a yearling with Kelly Jarman
  4. Wilma 2 years later
    Wilma 2 years later
    A visit to Wilma's new home and our trainer Charlie Cooper seeing how much she learned
  5. Baby Deborah
    Baby Deborah
    The day she arrived at our farm
  6. Baby Deborah
    Baby Deborah
    90 days after arrival
  7. Kate and Rock
    Kate and Rock
    New arrivals March 23rd, 2017
  8. Eris
    Available for adoption. Email for information.

Our 2016 Benefit Show

Supreme Halter Horse

Sara Van-Den Elzen with Charlie on the Rocks
Rocked our halter division.

Our first Annual R.E.A.C.T Benefit Sow

Hosted by The Laclede County Saddle Club, R.E.A.C.T. Inc. Held it's first ever public event introducing ourselves to our community and sharing our love for horses.

This show was open to all ages the only requirement was a negative coggins report.

We were pleasantly surprised by the number of people and horses that showed up to participate. We offered 48 classes including Showmanship, halter, pleasure, English, trail, barrels, poles and a few fun classes that were a big hit.

We couldn't have had this event without the help of our local sponsors:
SIng Rental      Dickey's BBQ Pit      Crocker Chiropractic
Friendly Firearm      Page Printing    The UPS Store
Jennifer Donovan               Helton's Home Furnishings
Beede Insurance Services      T's Redneck Steakhouse
Always Flowers and Plants      Cackle Hatchery 
Pia Cheek     Fallen Branch Ranch    Full Moon Enterprise
And Volunteers :
Lisa & Ben Moon   Trevor Moon   Tiffany Jennings
Kim Heisz   Brian McKimmey and all the volunteers that helped us put on a family fun show to benefit horses in need.