​​R​escue ​E​quine A​doptions ​C​aring
​and ​T​raining ​Inc.
        We Love what we do
Since 1968 we have been pulling horses and ponies from kill pens, rehabilitating them and finding them qualified caring forever homes 
Our goals are to: 

  • save lives
  • educate future horsemen/women
  • insure quality equine care
  • incorporate our community
  • share our love for horses
  • teach safe practices
  • encourage proper vaccinations
  • enourage castrastions to reduce unwanted horses
  • We are not fly by night. we have been doing the same thing since 1968 and plan to continue for many more years to come

Our Executive Board


Together we have over 150 years of Combined knowledge of equine care in areas including but not limited to: 
husbandry, breeding, training in English- Western pleasure- showmanship- horsemanship and trail, competition riding, pleasure and standardbred race training and driving, showing, judging, vet tech, emergency treatment to stablize util vet arrives, equine diet, grooming, and general practices. 

What &  Who

Founder- Robynne Miller

Co-Founder- The late Mrs. Norma Brennan
(Sept. 10, 1940- April 22, 2017)

President- Charlie Cooper

Vice President- Kelly Jarman

Secretary- Christine Whaley

Treasurer- Robynne Miller 

Grounds Manager- Kyle Cooper